Mesopotamia Relief Foundation

A Project to Help a Middle Eastern Christian Community Survive and Thrive

Northeastern Syria—Upper Mesopotamia—is a patchwork of ethnicities and religious groups, where Arabs, Kurds, and Christians live side-by-side as they have for centuries. Christians from the Assyrian, Syriac, Chaldean, and Armenian traditions, Muslim Kurds and Arabs, and the endangered Yezidi minority all inhabit this historic piece of land. This human mosaic, where many Christians still speak Aramaic as in Jesus’ time, has been existentially threatened by the Syrian civil war, ISIS, and most recently by Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria. We are working to help those affected by the conflict, and to preserve the unique human mosaic of this historic place. Your generous support is appreciated: shukran (Arabic), tawdi (Syriac Aramaic), basima (Assyrian Aramaic), shnorhagalutyun (Armenian), spas (Kurdish)...thank you!

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