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Fire Relief in the Khabur - Irrigation

In the summer of 2019, after a series of other disasters, ISIS began to light fires throughout northeastern Syria in an attempt to continue to terrorize the population of the region after its formal defeat. This arson campaign included the Assyrian villages of the Khabur Valley. We have completed a project in the village of Tel Taal, enabling farmers in the village to repurchase equipment destroyed in the fires. Farmers will repay 60% of the assistance provided over the course of four years. This gives them a stake in the outcome, while still providing much needed assistance especially as the collapse of the Syrian currency has made capital improvements impossible even for well-off farmers.

With your generous support, we can expand this project beyond Tel Taal and assist other Assyrian villages in recovering from the disastrous fires of 2019.
Our new irrigation piping provided to farmers in the village of Tel Taal - Photo by Mesopotamia Relief Foundation
Fire Damage in Northeastern Syria - Photo by Mesopotamia Relief Foundation
Farmers scramble to get their crops harvested before the fires consume them - Photo by Mesopotamia Relief Foundation
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